10 good reasons to sign up

1You will find your way around Belgium and Brussels more easily. It will help you settle in.
2You will meet other newcomers who speak your language.
3You will learn Dutch, an extra asset if you want to live and work in Belgium.
4We provide courses and personal guidance in your own language - also online.
5You can participate in a course whenever it suits you, during the day or in the evening, intensively or more spread over time.
6Many of our teachers and counsellors speak your language and have participated in the bon integration programme themselves. Now they in turn help people integrating. Read their testimonials here.
7We are easily accessible by public transport. You will find us in Molenbeek, Schaerbeek, Anderlecht, and the City of Brussels. You do not even have to travel for the online courses.
8You will receive an integration certificate after you have successfully completed the programme. It may help you acquire Belgian citizenship.
9You will get assistance for the acknowledgement of your diplomas and for all kinds of legal questions, such as concerning your residence status, your asylum procedure, or your desire to become a Belgian citizen.
10The integration programme is free of charge. Participating also entitles you to a pass allowing you to take part in certain activities free of charge.

The next free integration course in English starts 11/01/2022.